LIVING THE DREAM!!!!  Where we have been so far:



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 We decided to sell the house, home school the kids, buy a 23 foot caravan and work our way around this amazing country.   It will take as long as it takes.

 It took three very long months to sell the family home, then the people buying the house wanted a 60 day settlement..........................seemed like we would never get going!!!

It was a huge exercise, we had to load all our furniture into a 20 foot container and have it trucked up to Hervey Bay where it sits at Matt's parents place awaiting our return.................... 

We have a 1997 40th Anniversary 80 series landcruiser and a Retreat Daydream caravan - with all the mod cons including separate shower and toilet!!!! (a pre-requisite of the 3 girls!!!!)

Our Journey begins on the 3rd November - house settlement day!!!!  7th of November 2008 we leave my sisters place (she has been kind enough to let us camp on her front lawn for few nights - Thanks Sis!!!) at Caboolture just Nth of Brisbane in Queensland and head for Inskip Point (one of our favourite places)

Please take a few minutes to read the blogs of our journey so far and take a look at the photo's